Travels in Africa

Fred and Donanne Hunter


“Malawi is green and unspeakably beautiful.  Its small mountains rise unexpectedly off the plains.  Its sunsets grab the breath right out of your lungs.  Its length stretches more than five hundred miles in the deep trough of Africa’s Rift Valley, but at no point is it more than one hundred miles wide.  The country nestles […]

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TRAVELS IN AFRICA, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Christmas, 2001

Donanne and Fred Hunter returned to southern Africa after an absence of 30 years.  In our absence the region saw significant political change.  Apartheid was gone in South Africa.  South-West Africa had become Namibia.  Rhodesia had become Zimbabwe, a once prosperous country driven into near-chaos by a ruthless dictator and his minions.  Not a place […]

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