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Fred and Donanne Hunter

TRAVELS IN AFRICA: Serengeti Migration, Tanzania, 1965

At the end of his USIS tour in the Congo, Fred Hunter wangled vacation time to visit game parks in East Africa. Unexpectedly he found himself literally in the midst of the greatest wildlife viewing sight in East Africa: the wildebeest and zebra migration across the Serengeti plains. His report: I drove south out of […]

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TRAVELS IN AFRICA: The Crew at USIS Bukavu in the Congo, 1965

Perhaps it’s appropriate on our travels in Africa that we pause for a moment to meet some of the people. Here’s my crew at USIS Bukavu: Jean Rusenyagugu spoke to me in smiles, in chuckles and laughter. That was because French was our common language, and neither of us spoke it well. Jean was janitor-factotum […]

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TRAVELS IN AFRICA: Back to Bukavu, Fall, 1964

Fred Hunter had the unusual experience of opening a USIS cultural center in his first full overseas assignment and evacuating it less than a year later. Readers of this blog may wonder what became of him – and of Coq – after his evacuation. Here’s an update. Shortly after my second evacuation from Coquilhatville, I […]

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