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Fred and Donanne Hunter

TRAVELS IN AFRICA: Mbere, Kenya, 1971, part one

When we were living in Nairobi, Donanne and I got together occasionally with David, an anthropologist acquaintance from the University of California at Santa Barbara who had been a neighbor of Donanne’s parents. He was conducting a field study in Mbere District in Kenya’s Kikuyu heartland. He invited us to visit him. One Saturday afternoon […]

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Teri Gabrielsen, a tall, willowy and glamorous educator with long blond hair, does not look like anyone’s idea of a social change agent. But speaking before us, wearing Maasai jewelry and an ankle length brown dress, made for her by Maasai women, and decorated with Maasai beadwork, you think, Well, maybe. Then when she tells […]

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Most travels in Africa begin in the imagination. Certainly mine did. This happened when I was about ten. I became intoxicated by Tarzan movies. That period is brought to mind by the fact that Turner Classic Movies showed “Tarzan and His Mate” last night. TCM was honoring art director A. O. Gillespie whose skill played […]

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